Sporting Facilities

Over the past 25 years Al-Ghorairi has become as the most experienced company in the construction and installation of both indoor and outdoor sporting facilities.

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Artificial Grass

Al Ghorairi has the expertise and experience to develop brand-new gardens and landscapes. The Company also undertakes the maintenance of gardens.

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Industrial Fencing

The Company undertakes the supply and instalation of all kinds of fencing (security or animal ) and associated works such as gates, cattle grids,automatic push gates and reflectors.

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Playground Equipments

• Development of tennis courts, squash courts, football fields,volleyball courts, basket ball courts,cricket grounds, running tracks and artificial turfs, among many others.
• Construction of playgrounds, play areas and recreational facilities.Some of the 
high profile projects Al-Ghorairi have completed include:
• Khalifa Tennis Complex
• Losail Race Track (Artificial Grass)
• International Standard Hockey fields

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