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Al-Ghorairi & Partners established in 1981 is widely recognised as one of the leading providers of sporting facilities, industrial fencing, air conditioning, landscaping and specialist contracting. Over the years, the company has pioneered many landmark projects in Qatar, and has played a key role in the country's ascent as a key player on the international sporting scene. Al-Ghorairi & Partners are committed to undertaking and accomplishing the most challenging projects within the agreed time frame and to the highest quality standards.

The success that Al-Ghorairi enjoys in the market can be mainly attributed to our commitment to excellence and our highly skilled and experienced team. We have an especially high level of expertise in the field of specialised contracting and trading and have established a comprehensive network of links with renowned international suppliers who are themselves global leaders in their fields.

Underpinning these qualities is an entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to teamwork and an understanding of the value of partnership and close working relationships, inside and outside our organization. Our record of success in generating superior quality and excellent service for our clients speaks for itself.

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